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  • The registration session will take place at Hotel Diamant in Poreč on Tuesday 18th May from 10:00 to 16:00.
  • A “fast lane” will be available for countries with no changes to their online registration and having already paid the corresponding fees. Countries failing to meet these requirements are likely to have longer waiting times.
  • Each participating country is requested to provide 2 national flags and a CD with the national anthem during registration.

Para-karate athletes

The registration can be done from 15th February via Sportdata on:

The registration can only be confirmed if the Medical Diagnosis Form (MDF) and consent form are submitted to the Sportdata Para-Karate registration website.
The registration of Intellectually Impaired athletes can only be confirmed if the athlete is listed on VIRTUS international master list. All documents MUST be attached in English for ALL registered athletes. All MDFs must be completed by a registered Medical Doctor, M.D.

Medical Diagnostic Forms and Consent Form

The necessary forms can be found in the following links:

– Wheelchair Athletes:
– Visually Impaired:
– Intellectually Impaired:

To be considered eligible to compete as an athlete with an intellectual disability, athletes must fulfil the full eligibility criteria as defined by VIRTUS. Only athletes listed on VIRTUS international master list will be eligible to compete in WKF World Para-karate Championships and VIRTUS Sanctioned or Promoted Championships. (More information about the eligibility process can be found in “Applying for athlete eligibility VIRTUS guidelines”.)

WKF – Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Application Form:
Athlete Evaluation Consent Form:

Para-Karate athletes per category
Every nation has the opportunity to register three Para-Athletes per sport class. In total, 24 athletes can be called by each nation.
In each category, at least four athletes must be registered. Otherwise the competition for the concerned category will not take place. Please note that there will be no merging of categories, only merging of Intellectually Impaired sport classes is possible.
There must be at least four (4) Athletes registered per Intellectually Impaired Sport Classes (K20 and K21) in order for the Sport Class to be present at the Championships. However, the Competition Organizing Committee may make exceptions if the number of participants is not reached. Sport Classes may be unified in order to achieve the minimum number of four (4).

Maximum of three coaches can be registered for Para-Karate per Nation.
Every Para-Karate athlete can be accompanied by a personal assistant during their performance in the field of play.
Coach and assistants accompanying Para-Karate athletes MUST register together with their delegation at the onsite registration session (Thursday 20th May from 10:00 to 18:00 at HQ Hotel).

Classification Session
Classification in Para-Karate consists in an extra point compensation depending on the influence of the particular impairment when performing the Kata. Detailed information can be found in the Para-Karate regulations: [To be updated]
Please, check the Para-karate Classification rules to ensure that the athlete presents at least one of the mentioned eligible impairments which have to be proven by the MDF.
Registered Para-Karate athletes must present themselves for a mandatory onsite Classification Session performed by qualified personnel before the championships. The Classification Session will therefore be performed on Thursday 20th March from 10.00h to 18.00h at the HQ Hotel Parentium. A timetable for the session will be published while registration.
Attendance to the Classification Session is obligatory, without a participation in the such event it is not possible to take part in the championships.
Following documents have to be provided at the classification session:

  •  Accreditation of the athlete
  • ID card or Passport of the athlete
  • Original MDF as provided prior with the registration
  • Diagnostic Report as described in the MDF for Intellectual Impairments as provided with the registration

All athletes must use the same sportswear and equipment for classification as they use during competitions.
Concerning athletes with visual impairments, no extra testing will be performed during the classification session. Nevertheless, the athletes have to show up to the classification with the documents mentioned above for verification of their disability. Extra points will be given based on the Medical Diagnostic Form.

In compliance with WKF Anti-Doping Rules and WADA, Para-Karate athletes will be subject to any eventual testing. In any Para-Karate athlete would need a Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE), please contact your National Anti-Doping Organization for further details and recognition. The duly recognized TUE at national level will then have to be duly communicated to the WKF.

WKF Para-Karate Kata Competition Rules in force will apply, for more information, please visit:

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