Doan Osmani is one of a dozen karatekas representing the Republic of North Macedonia on #karateporec2021. This 22-year-old lad, also a student of Physical Culture, is making his first serious steps at the senior karate scene. 

At the start of this season, he competed at the Karate 1-Premier League in Istanbul and finished as 7th. Right now he’s all preparing for the European Championships in Poreč: “My goal for #karateporec2021 is to win a medal – why not even a gold one. Unfortunately, I do not believe that I have many chances to qualify for the Olympics but this does not diminish my desire to achieve other results.”

Doan has been practising karate since 2004., because of the cousin, who took him to his training. Curious as he is, he wanted to try it too but never thought he could have the results he has today. And he already laid the foundations for good results. At the U21 European Championship (just before the Covid-19 pandemic), Doan won the gold medal. He is also the Balkan champion and has a silver and bronze medal from the World Youth Cup that took place in Croatia. 

He explained how developed karate is in his country: “I believe that karate is quite developed in our country and is even the most successful sport in the country. We have the basic conditions but not the professional ones, the state supports successful athletes but not as much as we need. In addition to karate, we also have our families that we have to support, so sometimes we are forced to do other work in addition to the benefits in sports.”

Among all of your achievements, what is your favourite and least favourite?

“I have not reached my favourite achievement yet, but so far the highest success for me is the U21 champion title. The biggest disappointment was in the European championship for juniors in 2016., where I also wanted not to deal with karate anymore.”

And when you get to know his story, you can only admire him, his decision to stay in karate and compete at the highest European level: “When I was 2 years old my father died and my mom had a lot of difficulties raising me, my brother and sister. I tried never to give up either in sports or with other things in life because I wanted to make her proud. Because of all the things she has gone through for her children I will always work to make her proud in every aspect even outside of sports. Also, the absence of my father has pushed me not to give up because even if he were with me now I know it would push me to be someone in life.”

One of the main things in life that karate brought him is a very strong character, behaviour, discipline and tolerance. Doan is aware that without work no success can be achieved. So he works towards his goals every day: “Of course, I am always praying to the great God that the training I do will be rewarded with success.”

Arawaza 750 x 750

© 56th European Senior Karate Championships
Croatia, Porec - Žatika Sport Centre - May 19 - 23, 2021