Greek karateka Konstantinos Mastrogiannis just turned 20, but he has already achieved so much. He is showing exceptional performances at the Greek national championship and at the last U21 European Karate Championships he won the gold medal in the -84kg category.

There is an interesting story about that competition. His participation in the tournament was in doubt due to a fracture in his arm. Until the last minute, he wasn’t sure if he could fight. In the end, not only did Mastrogiannis travel to Romania but won France’s Abdesellem in the final (4-3) to reach the top!

“My gold in the U21 European Championship was something great for me. The first feelings that I had after winning it was a relief and joy that my hard work pays off. Now, I’m thirsty for the following championships”, said Konstantinos.

He desires to participate in as many big championships as possible, including the Olympics and to bring home medals. Having Dimitris Triantafyllis, the world champion from 2010., as a coach surely helps him in his goals:

“In my opinion, it’s an advantage when your coach is a world champion. He feels your psychology better and he has been in your condition multiple times. That makes coordination easier. Some of the things he taught is to “Be a fighter” and “no excuses”. That is also a logo in our dojo.”

Dimitris Triantafyllis is also the reason why Konstantinos started with karate: “I started doing karate by accident. When I was 5 years old he opened a karate dojo in my city. My best friend started practising karate and then I did it, too. After some minutes in the dojo, I have been loved with karate and it started being my everyday life.”

Although #karateporec2021 will be his first time-fighting at the senior level, his goal (as always) is to be at the top: “Having a tournament after almost a year and a half makes me a little bit nervous, but I will let my hard work show up.”

Specifically, his preparations started two months ago with hard physical training. Having a championship only two weeks from now, he’s mostly focusing on karate and tactics now. Finally, he is excited to come to Poreč:

“I have been in Croatia but not in Poreč. I’ve heard it is a wonderful seaside city.”

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Croatia, Porec - Žatika Sport Centre - May 19 - 23, 2021