Bettina Alstadsaether, a karate fighter from Stavanger, one of the oldest cities in Norway, represents her country at the EKF European Karate Championships in Poreč. Her goals for this Euro edition are high since she was very close to the medal in the last two competitions and she believes it is time to take it now.

But, let’s start from her early days. Bettina started with karate when she was five years old and it came pretty naturally since her dad has also been in this sport for a long time. He’s also been coaching her all this time. Karate wasn’t the only sport Bettina played: “I have tried and been doing different sports, but went all-in with Karate when I was 16 – and never stopped since then.”


From the first moves and her favourite ura mawashi Geri, Bettina is now proud of being selected and represented Norway in two European Games (2015 and 2019), as top 8 athletes in Europe as well as being so close to the medal at the last two editions of European Championships. She ended as fifth both times. #karateporec2021 could be a place where she takes her first European medal: “I got two 5th places from the last two Europeans, so this time I hope to take a medal.”

Besides her sports accomplishment, she is happy because karate taught her discipline and structure that helps her a lot in her everyday life.

Before every performance, Bettina listens to a list of her dearest tracks on her phone and motivates herself: “There are some sentences that I always tell myself. Other than that, I like to have a really good warm-up so I feel ready to fight. I try to think about my task for the fight to stay focused, and take one match at a time.”

We are hoping the results of her preparation and focus will show in Poreč and Bettina will win a well-deserved first European medal. She is pretty excited to come to the Croatian coast: “We are hoping to enjoy a little bit of summer, so fingers crossed for nice weather.”

Arawaza 750 x 750

© 56th European Senior Karate Championships
Croatia, Porec - Žatika Sport Centre - May 19 - 23, 2021