Giorgetti Pola is a young karateka from Luxembourg representing her country at the EKF European Karate Championships in Poreč. Four years ago she started competing in senior competitions and now she’s on the hunt for the Olympics. In our little chat with her for #karateporec2021 Insider, we found some interesting things and 6 of them are in this article below. 

1. She started Karate when she was seven years old because of one simple reason – there was a Karate Club right next to her school. Somehow, karate went under her skin: 

“From the first time I started, I never stopped because it captivated me straight away!” – she said. 

2. Her favourite move is Mawashi – roundhouse kick. It’s a standard Kumite (sparring) kick due to its speed, power and ability to hit a wide range of targets at different heights (i.e. head, ribs or side of the knee). So watch out, this girl kicks. 

3. Alongside its movements, Pola about karate also likes the life values it teaches: 

“Karate taught me to be disciplined, to be physically and mentally strong and to keep the inner peace in difficult situations. It taught me to face my fears and to reach for the stars. You should never give up on your dreams because those dreams will never give up on you. You are the author of your future.” 

Being karateka is hard so this mindset is crucial. 

“Luxembourg is a very small country and sports aren‘t really supported. We train with the national team 4 times a week but we don‘t get any other kind of support. We don‘t get any salary or money – even for winning competitions. Furthermore, I have a Master in Law, I work every day in a big company, and in the evening I rush to the training. So it‘s hard to combine everything and to keep up with that exhausting schedule. However, I am always motivated for the training and I always feel bad for missing one. Listening to music in my car on my way to training always activates the fighter in me.”

4. Her routine before competition: karate book and a cold shower: “My routines before a competition is reading my little karate book in which I took some important notes and: a cold shower! Also, I love travelling with my team and going to competitions. The atmosphere is amazing and we enjoy every moment together.”

5. She’s dreaming about the Olympics: “Being in the Olympics is every athlete‘s dream! It would mean everything to me and it would be the most beautiful experience of my life. I am participating in the Tokyo Qualification Tournament so there is a chance to qualify for the Olympics. My goal for #karateporec2021 is to be on the podium! At the beginning of the Olympic qualification season, I wasn‘t in the Top 100 so I couldn‘t participate in any K1‘s anymore, which I was very upset about. However, by getting 7th place on a Series A, I collected enough points to get back to the top 100 rankings. So Istanbul 2021 was my first K1 and I got 7th place. “

6. The best and worst moments in career: “My dearest accomplishments are different international medals, nothing specific. My biggest disappointments were in K1 and European Championships by losing for the bronze medal match.”

7. She’s been to Croatia before: “Yes, I have already been to Croatia, for example when I was in Zagreb in 2019 for the European University Championships. Unfortunately, I haven‘t been to Porec yet and I don‘t know anything about it except that there is a beautiful beach which I can‘t wait to explore.”

Short message for all participants: “I wish all the athletes of #karateporec2021 great success and fun! We should all be happy and enjoy being finally able to participate again in great competitions such as these Europeans! 😊”

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Croatia, Porec - Žatika Sport Centre - May 19 - 23, 2021