The City of Poreč has a favorable geographical and traffic position, making it easily accessible from all European countries. No matter which mode of transport you prefer, you will find an acceptable solution. As mentioned, Poreč is located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, relatively close to the Slovenian border, making it easily reachable even from other countries such as Italy, Austria, and of course, Slovenia. Further bellow you can find valuable inputs if you decide traveling by plane or by bus, but even if you are considering a car, we can guarantee that it is a very convenient choice to reach Istria. Roads in Istria are excellent. The highway, known as Istrian Ypsilon, is a modern and fast road that connects Istria with both the Italian and Slovenian border and Rijeka (Croatia) to the southeast.

Poreč – Peškera / Nenad Šimunić
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There are several options if you decide to fly. The closest airport to Poreč is Pula Airport.  It is a small and seasonal airport, with a couple of low-cost airlines (Germanwings, Jet2, Norwegian, Ryanair, Vueling) that connects Pula with a dozen European cities. You can fly to Pula Airport from Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Koeln, Bruxelles, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Rome, London, Leeds, Manchester. Most flights operate from May to October. The distance from Pula airport to Poreč is 57 km, which is approximately 40 minutes by car.

There are also other airports that you can consider: Zagreb Airport (Croatia) is 249 km away, which evens approximately three hours by car. The second option is Slovenian Ljubljana Airport, less than 200 km away, equal to two and a half hours car ride. Finally, there are two Italian airports close to Poreč – Venice Airport that is 249 km away and two and a half hours by car, and Trieste Airport 130 km away, which implies 1 hour and 45 minutes car ride.


Poreč is also easily reachable by bus. There are regular buses daily from all major cities in Croatia, wherever you might find yourself on your way to Poreč – Zagreb, Pula, or Rijeka. It will take roughly 4 hours bus ride from the capital (Zagreb), and one and a half hours if your starting points are Pula or Rijeka. You can purchase your bus tickets online, at the bus stations, and often even on the bus from the driver.

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