All athletes, coaches, doctors and physios who are located in the hotel Parentium will be tested in the hotel Parentium at 7 am every day. For all those who are located in other official hotels the testing will be held in the hotel Diamant according to the competition schedule

The COVID-19 protocol applied at the 56th European Karate and Para-Karate Championships is created specifically for this event in cooperation with the European Karate Federation and Croatian authorities.

  • The Local Organizing Committee will provide PCR testing for those who need to present a negative test when leaving Croatia. Testing will be done at the expense of delegations at the cost of 110 EUR per test.

You can register for a PCR test using a form forwarded to all national federations by Sportdata. The form must be sent back to

– Results will be delivered to the email addresses entered in the form.

– Payment can be made only on the site. Both cash and cards will be accepted.

The main points that may concern you are as follows:

All delegations that arrive in Croatia and Poreč on the 17th and later can present the same test they used to cross the Croatian border.

Delegations that come to Poreč on the 16th or earlier need to repeat the PCR test in order to have a valid test for the registration.

Antigen testing for persons who need to enter the sports venue will be done every day according to a plan presented in the COVID-19 protocol document.

In case of a medical emergency during the championships, please contact #karateporec2021 medical service on: +385 99 527 2184

Currently in Croatia, measures on the mandatory wearing of masks in all enclosed spaces, public transport, and open spaces where no distance can be kept (for example, a line for ATM) are active. Coffee shops, bars, and restaurants are open, but food and beverages can only be served on the terraces.

Measures and restrictions subject to change in accordance with the epidemiological situation.

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Croatia, Porec - Žatika Sport Centre - May 19 - 23, 2021